Invest locally and responsibly with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op. OREC provides an alternative for those without the time, money, or space to invest in their own solar power system, and generates a fair return for investors. OREC's projects support local industry and job-creation, expedite Ontario's transition to a clean energy economy, and increase self-sufficiency and resiliency of local communities.

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Ontario’s new budget locks in climate action

The following is a guest post from Environmental Defence and was written by Patrick DeRochie, Campaign Coordinator of the Clean Economy program.  Ontario has taken its most significant step yet in tackling climate change and building a low-carbon economy. Meeting emission reduction targets along with a cap-and-trade program to price carbon pollution will be the law in Ontario. On Wednesday, …

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Long known as one of the country’s traditional financial hubs, New York is now becoming a hub for electricity system innovation and entrepreneurship. Image copyright Thinkstock / Ultimata_Gaina.

The Customer-Centric Electricity Grid: New York State

ContentThe Road to REVA Champion at the HelmThe Evolving Utility RoleA Cradle of EntrepreneurshipA Testbed for InnovationThe Road AheadWeb ExtraNew York State, under the leadership of Public Service Commission chair Audrey Zibelman, reaches a major milestone en route to the nation’s first market platform for customer-sited clean-energy technologies. A two-plus-hour drive north from New York City along the Hudson River …

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